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Kim Kardashian Channels Jackie O on Interview’s September Cover

You’re about to see Kim Kardashian West in a whole new light on Interview‘s latest cover. For starters, Mrs. West is fully clothed throughout the entire cover shoot (let’s be honest, Kim does like to pose for the odd nude magazine cover or two) while channeling former First Lady and style icon Jackie Kennedy Onassis. Our forums have been complaining just how depressing and uninspired the majority of the September covers have been for 2017, but we should’ve known Interview would knock it out of the park. Complete with a 60s bouffant wig hairstyle, some ladylike clothes and an impeccably dressed North West by her side, Kim takes on the role perfectly as she and North are photographed by Steven Klein for the occasion.

Interview September 2017 : Kim Kardashian & North West by Steven Klein


Our forums felt the tongue-in-cheek shoot was just what the newsstand needed this month. “I’ve had a really tough Monday at work and honest to God I needed this. I really did,” laughed forum member Bobby153 upon seeing the cover.

“It’s nice that the editors of Interview knew what a hard time we, the world, were having at the moment. They sent us something truly glorious to laugh at,” added honeycombchild.

“I somehow love this,” confessed dodencebt. “It’s just so much fun, it’s a breath of fresh air. Imagining Kim as a First Lady is not even that hard right now anyway. On a side note, Klein’s photography is rather good here. It doesn’t look fake and there is a lot of emotion, which is something that I have missed from him lately,” he wrote.

Also willing to give the cover props was Fiercification: “I don’t hate it! I guess this mag has to sell in these times. It’s the best thing any magazine has done with her I guess, and I like that she’s wearing H&M Studio on a September cover. Don’t want to get into celeb-politics, I just want a good fashion issue, as ever, please.”

Fluxxx shared the same sentiments, writing, “I have no words for this but I guess I like it. Always have a soft spot for Klein’s work and I really enjoy the styling here. Kim looks good!”

“So amusing to look at. This time she doesn’t show her ‘iconic body part’ but a different unexpected appearance,” acknowledged Kobito.

Interview September 2017 : Kim Kardashian & North West by Steven Klein


However, Kim’s never too far from controversy. “They spray-tanned and Photoshopped this woman into another ethnicity,” declared Suhzie.

“Why does she look so… black? Maybe it’s just Klein’s weird filter but it feels like they tried darkening her skin tone to make her equal to North,” Marc10 stated.

“It’s like they gave her a new ethnicity. It’s *this* close to being uncomfortable,” fired back mistress_f.

How do you feel toward the shoot? Genius or downright offensive? Take the whole thing in and let us know your opinion here.