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Kim Kardashian Morphs Into Cher for Harper’s Bazaar Arabia’s September Cover Shoot

Kim Kardashian West is quickly becoming a formidable force at the newsstand for September, having recently made headlines channeling Jackie O alongside daughter North West on the latest issue of Interview. The reality TV phenomenon turned makeup mogul covers yet another magazine for September 2017 while morphing into a different style icon: Cher. Captured by Mariano Vivanco, who was heavily influenced by Richard Avedon‘s iconic portraits of Cher from American Vogue, Kim evokes the glamour of the late 60s/early 70s with ease.

The covers were sure to generate buzz from our forum members. “After Kim, Cher is the most famous celebrity of Armenian heritage, and they’ve both spoken out in the past for recognition of the Armenian genocide. I actually think it’s a lovely tribute to Cher and Armenia. The covers are stunning, you can tell HB Arabia loves Kim as this is their second original cover of her (third if you include reprints),” commented magsaddict.

“The sitting shot is gorgeous. Yes, very Cher-esque… meets Avedon. If only it was in B&W. Kim’s covers so far, for this and American Interview, are the strongest September covers. So nice to see an Armenian represent POC/MOC on the cover of fashion magazines. Even if it is Kim,” added Phuel.

“Her makeup will sell like hotcakes in the Middle East. Both are beautiful covers,” wrote ThatGuyPaul.

Echoing the same attitude toward the covers was Fotoholic24. “I love the first one (above)… Very Kim, and very Middle Eastern,” he stated.

Vitamine W wrote, “Yeah totally makes sense, Kim oozes that modest feminine appeal that the Arabic world likes to see in their media. Said nobody ever.”

“I suppose you’re correct, Vitamine, she does exude that tacky nouveau riche Middle Eastern customer whose pics you always see at parties,” replied Benn98. “But there’s too much artifice here for my liking. Am I the only one bothered by the Cher references?” 

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