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Everyone Is Freaking Out Over Meghan Markle’s Vanity Fair Cover

Vanity Fair is seriously into exclusives lately, having just delivered a post-split Angelina Jolie as its September cover girl and now taps actress Meghan Markle , who also happens to be the girlfriend of Prince Harry. In true Vanity Fair fashion, all hands were on deck to give the women’s rights campaigner a fashion shoot to remember for October 2017, with master portrait photographer Peter Lindbergh on set to deliver a series of natural, effortless and perfectly undone pictures of Meghan.

Vanity Fair October 2017 : Meghan Markle by Peter Lindbergh


Our forum members weren’t crazy about the cover, however. “…but probably wilder about fame. Yikes,” slammed MulletProof, taking jabs at Vanity Fair‘s choice of cover lines.

Nymphaea felt the same way: “Thinking the exact same thing. Major yikes!” 

“She got this cover solely because she’s dating Prince Harry, and is expected to marry him. There’s nothing else in her life and career that warrants a VF cover. Love Peter Lindbergh, but that portrait is doing nothing for her. I refuse to believe that’s the best from their session,” complained mepps.

“Not a very flattering shot of her. It doesn’t capture her true beauty,” added lavender.

“How did the palace allow this to happen if she’s indeed to be wed to Prince Harry soon? And yikes, what an unflattering shot of her, sorry! I never regarded Meghan as very beautiful, so a portrait wasn’t the best option for a cover. Why not give us a body shot, she works out a lot and loves dressing up,” Benn98 noted.

Also quick to add their opinion was forum member SallyAlbright: “Oh boy. Guessing they are already engaged or about to announce it if the palace approved this. She seems a bit too eager for attention for my liking, but oh well.”

“I watch Suits and I love her in the show. I think she is beautiful and this photo does not do her justice, it’s okay but I don’t think this is her best shot. Love that she got the cover and finally a new face! I’m tired of the predictable faces all the time so this is a very nice surprise,” KateTheGreatest reasoned.

Vanity Fair October 2017 : Meghan Markle by Peter Lindbergh


Too soon for Meghan to be doing press, or should we welcome the sight of a new face down at the newsstand? Join the debate here.