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This Reese Witherspoon Cover Is More Proof That Glamour Needs New Art Direction

It’s hard to believe Reese Witherspoon’s last notable magazine cover was back in January for ELLE‘s Women In TV issue. Eight months later, Reese reminds us she’s still out there doing her thing by gracing the cover of Glamour for October 2017. Following a disastrous Blake Lively cover, the all-American actress-turned-producer wears a combination of Miu Miu and Aritza in the cover image, styled by Jillian Davison and shot by Emma Summerton.

US Glamour October 2017 : Reese Witherspoon by Emma Summerton


According to our forum members, Glamour desperately needs to ditch its current art direction. “Magazines adopt scrawls and doodles on their covers in order to seem modern and fresh – in a world where people don’t write by hand anymore, not in comparison to how things used to be. I wish publications would give it up, or at least make it worth looking at,” tigerrouge complained.

“Well, at least it looks faintly better than Kerry [Washington]‘s and Priyanka [Chopra]‘s covers, but wow, what’s with these doodles?? Like the color scheme, not sold on anything else. Least of all reading more on Reese Witherspoon when there are others who’d have something more interesting to say,” Benn98 chimed in.

Also left shaking their head was GivenchyHomme. “They should fire whoever does their retouching. Blake’s cover was a disaster and this one is no better. I’ve seen Sims that look more realistic, he pointed out.

Vogue28 wasn’t here for it either: “As inoffensive and coherent as the cover looks from afar, I’m really not a fan of the handwritten text now either. It hasn’t bothered me all that much on previous covers but here it just doesn’t complement the image of Reese whatsoever. Amateur!”

“I don’t like the cover but the editorial is fun,” confessed forum member liaa.

Check out Reese’s accompanying cover story, see what else the issue has to offer and let us know your thoughts here.