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Grace Elizabeth Looks Every Inch the Supermodel in Steven Meisel’s Flawless Max Mara Campaign

Grace Elizabeth is having her moment in the spotlight. Back in July, she received a standing ovation from our forum members for her flawless cover of Vogue Italia, was declared the ‘new supermodel’ to watch by V Magazine and now scores the Fall 2017 ad campaign for Max Mara. Replacing fellow model Faretta, Grace once again captivates in the simple, effortless and understated campaign. Photographer Steven Meisel is clearly a fan of the American beauty, having also photographed Grace for Zara’s latest campaign.

Max Mara F/W 2017.18 : Grace Elizabeth by Steven Meisel


Needless to say, Max Mara’s new campaign was an instant hit on our forums. “She looks different from her Vogue Italia cover. Everyone photographs well with Meisel though. I am super biased,” stated forum member Scotty upon checking out the campaign.

“She is the perfect example of what is the difference between Meisel and other photographers,” echoed dcmaike, showing Meisel some love.

“Red hot Grace! Must say she looks stunning here. She’s got the makings of a star,” declared Benn98.

Guimon was also a fan, writing, “Wow, the new shot (below) is GORGEOUS. Grace looks so beautiful! There’s something vintage about that picture that I love. She looks like a supermodel!”

“Love the new shots of Grace! They look so beautiful!” admired forum member bluestar.

“Wow, it’s getting better! This duo can do no wrong in my eyes,” said Benn98, unable to resist returning to the thread to see more.

“Agreed!” championed StockholmFW. “Steven Meisel x Grace equals perfection!”

Vogue28 couldn’t have agreed more: “Such a wonderful and sophisticated collection from Max Mara this season, and I’m thrilled to see the campaign turn out just as wonderful. A nice surprise to see Grace Elizabeth score the campaign and the fact Steven Meisel’s behind the lens is an added bonus.”

Max Mara F/W 2017.18 : Grace Elizabeth by Steven Meisel


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