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A Radiant Julianne Moore Stars on InStyle’s Beauty Issue for October 2017

Laura Brown continues to make her mark on InStyle as the magazine becomes more compelling and readable with each issue. During her seven-month tenure, Brown has secured the likes of Karlie Kloss, Nicole KidmanBella Hadid and Selena Gomez, and now actress Julianne Moore covers the title’s beauty issue for October 2017. Photographed by Anthony Maule, the radiant redhead tries on a variety of different looks throughout the intriguing shoot — resulting in several different covers.

US InStyle October 2017 : Julianne Moore by Anthony Maule


Our forums first took in the newsstand cover (above). “Wow! Allure looks lovely this month! Oh wait. You have a gorgeous woman for a cover and you decided to cover part of her face. Choices,” wrote MON immediately.

“Couldn’t even tell that it was her. Awful cover, way too cropped, nothing to like here. She’s certainly glowing but not in a good way,” Benn98 added.

“It’s like an age issue that doesn’t make use of the word ‘age’. Although any cover line proclaiming an ‘age issue’ usually translates into ‘this month, twenty pages of this magazine will have someone older than 35 appearing on them,'” voiced tigerrouge.

Also not willing to show the cover some love was dfl-001: “‘The Beauty Issue, Your Best Face Now’ – then they Photoshop half Julianne’s face away and cover the other half with her hair and hand. This makes me hate the magazine industry. And they just need to stop with the multi cover gimmick. It never works!”

Not everyone, however, was left so unsatisfied. “I think she looks beautiful and the cover is great. Laura knows her readers well,” forum member YourMonster acknowledged.

“Aw I love it and love her. She put a smile on my face,” favored kokobombon.

Check out the other covers with Julianne for the issue and add your own two cents here.