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Rachel Weisz’s Fifth Cover of UK Harper’s Bazaar Is Just More of the Same for the Magazine

It’s official: UK Harper’s Bazaar is stuck in a rut and we’re desperate for a shift in direction. The magazine loves to welcome back the same cover subjects and photographs the vast majority of its fashion stories in the British countryside. As a result, seeing actress Rachel Weisz on the cover of the British publication for the fifth time, shot amongst the surroundings of a Victorian country mansion does not surprise us. Photographed by Agata Pospieszynska, Rachel takes a moment to read a good novel while wearing Lanvin (as one does) on the cover for subscribers (below), and poses outside wearing a red Valenitno dress for the newsstand cover (after the jump).

UK Harper's Bazaar October 2017 : Rachel Weisz by Agata Pospieszynska


Our forum members practically knew what to expect. “I often wonder where they find so many flowing chiffon dresses for their endless country editorials,” said A.D.C upon seeing the cover.

“It’s the magazine for people who want to live in a fantasy world where nothing exists other than the garden of their dreams,” chimed in tigerrouge.

“All too nice, neat, and tied up in a little bow,” commented HeatherAnne.

MON wasn’t exactly pleased, either. “Whoever decided this layout needs to take a long break and reconsider things. This is a disaster. That doesn’t look like a cover. This is what you look like when you ran out of fresh ideas,” he pointed out.

Also quick to question Bazaar‘s layout was Benn98: “I hope they’re only trying this art direction for subscribers, and not for the newsstand issues. It looks odd, not like a cover at all.”

“I don’t hate it as much as the above at all,” confessed honeycombchild. “It’s a nice image and Rachel looks beautiful, although at first glance it gives me Keira [Knightley] vibes. I wish the logo had been further down the page, sitting in the middle looks a little odd, but I don’t particularly hate that they’ve turned it on its side personally.”

“I quite like it, although it looks less like a cover and more like a picture in the editorial. Congrats to Agata, this is a big deal for her!” noted KateTheGreatest.

UK Harper's Bazaar October 2017 : Rachel Weisz by Agata Pospieszynska


See what else Bazaar‘s October issue has to offer (but you already know, don’t you?) and let us know your opinion here.