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Cara Delevingne Makes Her Vogue Paris Debut With a Simple, Chic October Cover

For the September issue of Vogue Paris, we half expected to see a “model turned actress” on the cover after receiving a tidbit in our Cover Rumor Thread, but instead we got Edie Campbell. The rumors are now confirmed in the form of the magazine’s October 2017 edition and it is indeed Cara Delevingne who stars on the French fashion bible’s newest offering. Cara often shuns the world of fashion while in the midst of shooting a movie but occasionally reappears to remind us of her existence. It was worth the wait for this simple, chic cover of Vogue Paris — her first for the French magazine — photographed by David Sims.

Vogue Paris October 2017 : Cara Delevingne by David Sims


After digesting the cover, our forums were divided in their opinions towards Cara’s French Vogue debut. “I think it’s a fabulous cover!” heralded happycanadian.

“The cover shot is fabulous! Simple, chic, and very Parisienne,” admired MON.

“The cover shot is such a classic concept it should’ve worked wonderfully, but it lacks something to me, it feels kinda flat,” pointed out forum member boleyns.

The cover obviously wasn’t catering to everyone’s tastes. “Don’t like it,” voiced Benn98. “I think the styling is awful, they’ve not had good art direction in years, and I don’t get the masthead effect. There’s nothing particularly ‘fashion’ about this shot overall, in fact, it’s terribly contrived.”

“I think she only got this because of Chanel, there isn’t anything else noteworthy about Cara. Not a good cover, it’s not distinctive in any way, she looks washed-out,” ranted Nymphaea.

“Crazy that Cara got a cover before Raquel Zimmermann… and just when her fame is sort of fading? She’s not as hot as she used to be,” a disapproving Creative stated.

Also not feeling it was Les_Sucettes. “Just no, and the tattoo is ridiculous, everything looks super pedestrian. That’s not styling that’s just putting on a costume. Super bad,” she exclaimed.

See what else the issue has to offer and share your own opinion with us here.