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Rebel Wilson Suits Up in Ralph Lauren on InStyle’s Monochromatic May 2019 Cover

Laura Brown has her finger on the pulse, relentless on reshaping everyone’s perception of what newsstands across the globe should look like. Brown has propelled InStlye to new heights since taking the helm in 2016, embracing cover girls like Janet Jackson, Tracee Eliss Ross, Melissa McCarthy and Ciara — and now adding Rebel Wilson to the impressive list. It was only last year that poor Rebel was drowning in fabric for Vogue Australia, but thankfully photographer Robbie Fimmano and stylist Katie Mossman have done the Aussie actress more justice for InStyle, decking her out in Ralph Lauren on a stylish monochromatic cover.

US InStyle May 2019 : Rebel Wilson by Robbie Fimmano


On our forums, however, the cover told a different story. “While I appreciate Laura’s quirky way of doing things, this cover is way too much of a stretch for me. Not her best one since becoming EIC,” wrote an unconvinced Handbag Queen.

“I mean props to InStyle for featuring two plus-sized women in a short span, but that’s all the positive I have to say,” noted MON.

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“Horrific!” called out an unforgiving jal718.

“Where is the beauty though?” asked Perickles, suggesting the cover was missing that certain something.

Forum members soon digested Rebel’s accompanying cover story, where she channels fragrance campaigns from the 70s and 80s. “I actually like the fake ad but execution falls flat,” said mathiaskatz.

Benn98 wasn’t jumping for joy either: “Don’t like what’s happening around her head — the hair color and makeup, but the cover seemed fine until I saw the fake ads. In one shot she literally has no neck!”

Although not everyone was left unsatisfied. “I very much like the monochromatic feel of the cover. Quite fond of the cover story as well as the cover too, which is now giving me all sorts of Yves Saint Laurent x Catherine Deneuve vibes. InStyle most definitely has done Rebel more justice as opposed to Vogue Australia!” vogue28 applauded.

US InStyle May 2019 : Rebel Wilson by Robbie Fimmano


Be sure to check out the rest of Rebel’s shoot and share your thoughts with us here.