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Ashley Graham Looks Like She’s Having a Blast on the Beach for British Harper’s Bazaar

Ashley Graham has an impressive track record on our forums because whether she’s covering Harper’s Bazaar Australia, ELLE or New York Magazine, she works the shot like there’s no tomorrow. So we weren’t surprised to see British Harper’s Bazaar welcome back the body positivity activist with open arms almost 12 months after her last appearance. Photographed by Pamela Hanson and styled by Leith Clark, Ashley is all smiles down on the beach in East Hampton for the joyous newsstand cover (below) and subscribers’ edition (after the jump).

UK Harper’s Bazaar July 2019 : Ashley Graham by Pamela Hanson


But the covers failed to hit the spot for our forum members. “Ashley is great, but everything about this cover is just… too basic,” complained Wintergreen.

“DULLSVILLE, and so not their brand of English fairy tale (which love or hate at least they have an identity unlike most magazines these days),” stated HeatherAnne.

“I cannot help but feel underwhelmed this time around. The cover image, as joyous and refreshing as it is, looks awkward and… odd. I dislike the cropping and composition of it all, and particularly dislike the teal bikini on Ashley,” voiced vogue28.

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Also not jumping for joy was honeycombchild: “These are awful. How on earth did those poses make it to a cover? What a waste of Ashley.”

But there were some who liked the outcome. “Sweet covers for summer. Sometimes just a nice simple cover with a beautiful model is all that’s needed,” pointed out justaguy.

“I really, really love this!” admired June.

“A joyous beachy summer cover? I’m in,” applauded A.D.C.

UK Harper’s Bazaar July 2019 : Ashley Graham by Pamela Hanson


See Ashley’s cover shoot and share your thoughts here.