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Serena Williams Shines on Harper’s Bazaar’s Unretouched August 2019 Covers

Serena Williams continues to be the darling of the fashion industry and she’s been endorsed by just about every major fashion publication, like Vogue, Allure, Glamour, InStyle and British Harper’s Bazaar. Amazingly, the tennis ace has never graced the cover of American Harper’s Bazaar — until now. Following in the footsteps of Jennifer Aniston, Rihanna and Alicia Vikander, Serena goes for gold on the mag’s August 2019 covers. Photographed by Alexi Lubomirski with Miguel Alberto Enamorado on styling duties, Serena looks remarkable in the completely unretouched shoot sporting a sequined Stella McCartney number on cover one (below) and flashes her derrière for the subscribers’ cover (after the jump).

US Harper's Bazaar August 2019 : Serena Williams by Alexi Lubomirski


Members of our forums were divided over the covers. “My main issue is I know she can photograph better than this. Nice to see her here and proudly representing a body type so often left off covers, but there’s definitely room for improvement with styling and the photography!” commented honeycombchild.

“I just don’t get it. It’s bad overall. I hate the gold, the lack of concept, the background, everything! And clearly the stylist didn’t know what to do with her body,” Lola701 critiqued.

“Oh Lord, is this really an August cover? It looks so far removed from this decade in general,” disapproved dodencebt.

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“LOVE seeing how unretouched this is and with a body shape not normally seen on magazine covers. That’s all I like about this,” said Joromana.

“Usually when a magazine does an ‘unretouched’ cover, the person ends up looking like a joyless and grey organic granola muncher with an allergy to all forms of jewelry. Not so here. This is unretouched and tacky, and I haven’t seen that combination before. For that reason, I like it,” declared tigerrouge.

“The second cover is everything! Great in every aspect! Congratulations Serena and Harper’s Bazaar on being open to present another kind of aesthetic that is not the tacky glamour that fashion magazines present again and again,” proclaimed Perickles.

US Harper's Bazaar August 2019 : Serena Williams by Alexi Lubomirski


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