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Three Young Female Photographers Capture Emily Blunt for Marie Claire’s March 2020 Covers

You’re about to see a whole lot more of Emily Blunt down at the newsstand. Currently fronting British Harper’s Bazaar, Emily now takes to the cover(s) of American Marie Claire for March 2020. All eyes have been on the Hearst-owned publication over recent months after Anne Fulenwider announced her sudden departure from the title back in December and Marie Claire‘s latest is her last issue. We’re treated to a trio of covers captured by three young photographers from Red Hook Labs: Denise Hewitt, Lucci Mia and Genesis Gil.

US Marie Claire March 2020 : Emily Blunt by Denise Hewitt, Lucci Mia & Genesis Gil


Per usual, one cover really stood out. “Surprisingly (or not, cause their covers have been quite nice lately), looks more expensive and chic than Emily’s U.K. Harper’s Bazaar cover. My favorite is the first one, shot by Denise Hewitt. The lighting, the fabric, the makeup…everything works!” praised Srdjan.

“I like the drama of the first cover, that should have been the only one,” added kokobombon.

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“I did immediately gasp when I scrolled upon the first cover on Instagram — was love at first sight. I love the lighting, the cropping, the drama, the red lip…” echoed vogue28.

“OMG, this is beautiful,” raved matheus_s.

Handbag Queen felt the same way: “Gorgeous covers!”

But not everyone was impressed. “Wow, not a single good cover, not a result you want when doing so many covers! Emily just doesn’t work for me in print! She truly comes alive on screen,” Miss Dalloway pointed out.

“In the first one the lighting is too intense. In the second the lighting is uneven and not strong enough. The third is nice, but it’s not really striking as a cover,” disapproved Gabriel29.

US Marie Claire March 2020 : Emily Blunt by Denise Hewitt, Lucci Mia & Genesis Gil


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