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Hailey Bieber Continues Her Quest for Global Newsstand Domination With Vogue Germany’s April 2020 Cover

Hailey Bieber is on a mission to dominate newsstands across the globe. Over the last 12 months, she has fronted Vogue Australia, Vogue Hong Kong, American ELLE and just went retro for Vogue Spain. The American beauty is now welcomed by Christiane Arp to the cover of Vogue Germany for April 2020. The title hasn’t exactly been in our good graces lately (especially after last month’s unforgivable Adwoa Aboah offering), but the German fashion bible attempts to regain our attention by enlisting Luigi & Iango to shoot Hailey as the model wears a look from Chanel’s Spring 2020 collection.

Vogue Germany April 2020 : Hailey Bieber by Luigi & Iango


But the cover attracted the wrong kind of attention on our forums. “Vogue Germany is now a mockery of what it once was. And let’s not talk about how this no-better Bieber looks like a wannabe Hadid,” scoffed MON.

“Why is she getting all these Vogue covers? Meanwhile, the actual models are lucky to get on the cover of some random indie mag nobody has ever heard of or maybe one of the lesser editions of ELLE,” complained a far from overjoyed magsaddict.

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Nomar couldn’t agree more: “Horrendous. It might have worked had they used a REAL model.”

“Oh wow, truly not her best cover. I mean in general Vogue Germany’s covers are lackluster, but this is just unappealing!” said Miss Dalloway.

“She’s the worst out of all the nepotism models booking Vogue covers,” shared Style Savvy.

“Please let this be the last of her suddenly numerous big-title covers,” pleaded aracic.

“Hailey is clearly on top of her game, but I don’t like this cover. Leave it to Vogue Germany to make her look worse than any other magazine out there,” declared dodencebt.

Check out some far better cover-worthy images from Hailey’s editorial and share your thoughts here.