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Even Naomi Campbell Can’t Save Vogue Hong Kong’s Anniversary Covers

It’s hard to believe Vogue Hong Kong is celebrating its first anniversary already. Following a trio of Gigi Hadid and Fei Fei Sun covers for the mag’s inaugural outing last year, the title has failed to make an impression on our forums over the last 12 months (aside from the odd Hailey Bieber or Bella Hadid offering). Now the title hopes to capture our attention by selecting Naomi Campbell to grace its anniversary issue. The supermodel sports a blunt blond bob decked out in Christian Dior (picked by Patti Wilson) for the pair of black and white March 2020 covers shot by photographer Chris Colls.

Vogue Hong Kong March 2020 : Naomi Campbell by Chris Colls


Both covers fell flat on our forums. “Just as terrible as their inaugural issue. This edition needs a new editor ASAP,” declared MON.

“You can have all the budget in the world, but it won’t make up for having no taste,” wrote Benn98.

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“With the situation in Hong Kong, literally nobody gives a sh** about this magazine right now. The team only keeps going to work for the paychecks and clients,” voiced chanelh.

Miss Dalloway wasn’t impressed, either. “Wow, what a waste of Naomi…”

“What a waste of Naomi and Chris Colls. Looks like a cheap version of Steven Klein,” added jorgepalomo.

“Probably some of the worst hair I’ve seen on Naomi. Good job Vogue Hong Kong!” Nomar said sarcastically.

Vogue Hong Kong March 2020 : Naomi Campbell by Chris Colls


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