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Gigi Hadid Brings Some Much-Needed Fashion to Harper’s Bazaar for April 2020

All eyes have been on Harper’s Bazaar lately after Glenda Bailey announced her departure from the Hearst-owned title back in January after 19 years at the helm. To finish her tenure, Bailey welcomes Gigi Hadid back for a fourth time on the magazine’s April 2020 edition. One of 2019’s top cover models, the elder Hadid sister gives us drama and glamour for the newsstand cover shot (below) striking a pose in Givenchy haute couture and rocks Chanel haute couture on the subscribers’ alternative (after the jump), both picked by George Cortina, before the lens of Sølve Sundsbø.

US Harper’s Bazaar April 2020 : Gigi Hadid by Sølve Sunsbø


The majority of our forum members were pleasantly surprised. “OMG, did Harper’s Bazaar finally make a good cover?” asked jorgepalomo.

“Finally a great cover!” liberty33r1b echoed.

“No blue skies, no cheesy fake smiles, no insane Photoshop! Clean, chic and timeless. Cortina is the best thing that has happened to this magazine!” declared Lola701.

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“A really refreshing cover!” admired anadmm.

Bailey is definitely going out on a high note. “Can’t believe it! A great, not gimmicky fashion cover,” applauded kokobombon.

“I’ve always enjoyed Gigi for Bazaar. Love this,” raved MON.

But not everyone agreed. “The weird fit of the corset is all I can look at and then how the headpiece bow gives Gigi those dreaded Ariana Grande cat ears. I wish it was more elegant, if that makes sense. There are a couple of missed details that ruin it for me because if you’re going for minimal, it has to be near perfect,” critiqued dodencebt.

“This is…boring,” complained tipi1355.

US Harper’s Bazaar April 2020 : Gigi Hadid by Sølve Sunsbø


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