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Dua Lipa Disappoints on Vogue Australia’s Underwhelming April 2020 Cover

We have a love/hate relationship with Dua Lipa, at least when it comes to our favorite fashion glossies. Our forum members weren’t impressed by her stints on V Magazine, British Vogue or ELLE, but Vogue Turkey and Vogue Spain‘s covers received standing ovations. Now it’s Vogue Australia’s turn with the singer wearing a showstopping Valentino creation picked by Jillian Davison for the vibrant April 2020 cover captured by Charles Dennington.

Vogue Australia April 2020 : Dua Lipa by Charlie Dennington


But the outcome didn’t enthrall our forum members. “The composition is lazy, she looks bored and the front arm looks disembodied,” declared Benn98.

“Do we even know who Dua Lipa is in Australia? Barely. Another ‘exclusive’ precisely nobody is dying to read. Out of touch. Maybe it’s impressive to advertisers when they can get ‘big names’ to shoot for Vogue Australia and I use the term ‘big names’ loosely,” added an underwhelmed magsaddict.

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“Nah, zilch, zero, nada. Will be forgotten in 10 minutes,” stated dontbeadrag.

Miss Dalloway wasn’t exactly thrilled, either. “So EVERYONE is an icon these days? Call me in 15 years time! The cover is bland though it’s not awful, it’s just not impressive because she is not selling any part of this idea!”

“The authentic voice of music’s new pop icon? Please. She’s simply another one in the sea of forgettable hit-making pop stars,” agreed aracic.

“I think she has a singing voice with broad appeal, a couple catchy singles and is absolutely stunning (especially without the blond hair), but I can’t seem to fully get on board with the hype. The more exposure she gets, the less interested I become,” expressed KINGofVERSAILLES.

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