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Rihanna Serves Up Two Stellar British Vogue Covers for May 2020

If there’s one person we’re able to stomach on the cover of Vogue month after month, it’s Rihanna. Time and time again, the star proves just how unbelievably photogenic she is and whether she’s giving American Vogue its best cover in months or becoming the first black woman to appear on British Vogue‘s all-important September issue, our forum members are all in. Edward Enninful finally welcomes Rihanna back to U.K. Vogue for May 2020 serving up a pair of covers photographed by Steven Klein. For cover one (below), Rihanna wears Burberry and a custom Stephen Jones durag (marking the first time a durag has ever appeared on the cover of Vogue), while on cover two (after the jump) she sports a Maison Margiela jacket worn over a bodysuit from her own Savage x Fenty lingerie label.

UK Vogue May 2020 : Rihanna by Steven Klein


Was Rihanna’s latest a hit on our forums? “I think the covers are so fantastic! They are cool/edgy, but with a sort of more Renaissance portrait kind of look. One of the coolest and most ‘new Vogue‘ covers from Edward yet,” applauded Blayne266.

“I absolutely love this. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of Rihanna on covers. She is just such a natural stunner to me,” declared slayage.

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“YES, YES, YES — that was my literal first reaction when I saw this. Rihanna can NEVER do wrong, she is a better model than most working models today and I would always pick her above any model covering Vogue,” heralded [Piece Of Me].

Sharing the same sentiment was ivano: “Rihanna is one of the few that could pass as a model. Her beauty is breathtaking. I like these covers.”

“Fantastic cover, I love everything about it! The color scheme is gorgeous and I love the styling,” praised LastNight.

But not everyone was impressed. “Flummoxed that anyone could find this appealing,” stated KINGofVERSAILLES.

“I have NEVER seen such a bad shot of her, wow! Both covers are just so unappealing and try-hard! Rihanna can pull off almost anything, but not this!” agreed Miss Dalloway.

UK Vogue May 2020 : Rihanna by Steven Klein


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