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Lady Gaga Delivers Fashion and Fantasy for InStyle’s May 2020 Issue

You’re no doubt used to seeing Lady Gaga down at newsstands. After all, she’s a regular fixture on the cover of Vogue and in 2019 alone appeared on V Magazine, Allure and ELLE. Now Gaga stars on a pair of covers for InStyle‘s May 2020 offering. Serving us both fashion and fantasy on the title’s annual beauty edition, the superstar looks straight down photographer Nathaniel Goldberg’s lens wearing Givenchy haute couture for the newsstand cover (below) and strikes a dynamic pose in Giambattista Valli haute couture for the subscribers’ alternative (after the jump).

US InStyle May 2020 : Lady Gaga by Nathaniel Goldberg


Gaga’s latest covers quickly sparked debate across our forums. “It’s giving me total fashion and fantasy, something I’m a little reluctant to complain about given our current circumstances. Out of the two covers, my favorite is the first, love the coloring, the clean layout and how straightforward the shot is,” appreciated vogue28.

“I don’t understand what’s going on with the first cover, but I like the second,” kokobombon chimed in.

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“Wow, second cover looks great! The first one is supposed to stun, but maybe would work with less aggressive retouching,” noted Benn98.

Sharing the same sentiment was jorgepalomo: “First cover looks terrible, second cover is great.”

“I love these photos. I need to buy this,” confessed crmsnsnwflks.

“Oh, come on! There weren’t better pictures for the covers?” questioned a dumbfounded Bertrando3.

“Deer in headlights,” agreed KINGofVERSAILLES. “I absolutely love Lady Gaga and I want to like this since it’s as avant-garde as InStyle will likely ever be, but it’s just not good.”

US InStyle May 2020 : Lady Gaga by Nathaniel Goldberg


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