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Léa Seydoux Proves Every Inch Her Worth on the May 2020 Cover of British Harper’s Bazaar

Truth be told, we don’t see enough of Léa Seydoux down at newsstands. But British Harper’s Bazaar just fed our craving for the French actress. Following Justine Picardie’s untimely exit and after failing to impress with lackluster Victoria Beckham and Emily Blunt covers, it’s safe to say the publication is back on track thanks to a stunning Gugu Mbatha-Raw outing last month. Now the mag gives us the Louis Vuitton brand ambassador on both the newsstand cover (below) and the subscribers’ alternative (after the jump) wearing head-to-toe looks from the French fashion house’s Spring 2020 collection picked by Leith Clark for the May 2020 images photographed by Alexi Lubomirski.

UK Harper’s Bazaar May 2020 : Léa Seydoux by Alexi Lubomirski


Needless to say, the majority of our forum members were thrilled. “Wow, these turned out much better than expected! The fashion styling is too much with that patterned wallpaper and bright yellow font, but the cropping is perfect and Léa looks stunning. Like a model. The first cover I have liked since Justine left,” praised Benn98.

“It’s always such a pleasure to see her on a cover,” said [Piece Of Me].

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“A nice pair of covers, genuinely can’t complain about a single element… Absolutely love the warmth of the subscribers’ cover there, love the close-up of Léa, the overall composition and the red Bazaar masthead. Definitely my fave out of the two, despite also loving the vibrancy of the newsstand cover,” vogue28 chimed in.

In agreement over how wonderful everything looked was jal718: “Best covers of the year.”

Miss Dalloway couldn’t disagree more. “This is such an eyesore. Horrible styling and they couldn’t get at least one decent shot of such a beautiful woman for their cover?”

“They’ve lurched from having acres of empty space on the newsstand cover to producing an eyesore. This magazine is now coasting on the foundations that were built up by Lucy Yeomans and Picardie while slowly eroding them. Imagine this cover on some other worldwide edition of Bazaar — it probably wouldn’t be impressing anyone,” pointed out tigerrouge.

UK Harper’s Bazaar May 2020 : Léa Seydoux by Alexi Lubomirski


Check out Léa’s cover feature and share your thoughts here.