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Demi Lovato’s May 2020 Harper’s Bazaar Covers Fail to Impress Our Forum Members

Over the years, Harper’s Bazaar hasn’t exactly been willing to give its covers to new faces. But now that Glenda Bailey is officially out the door, things are looking up. To mark Bailey’s exit last month, Gigi Hadid delivered the goods and now finally someone who has never covered the magazine before graces Bazaar‘s May 2020 issue. Demi Lovato makes her debut this month appearing like a ray of sunshine in a yellow Valentino creation courtesy of Miguel Alberto Enamorado on the newsstand cover (below) while gazing down the lens of photographer Alexi Lubomirski.

US Harper’s Bazaar May 2020 : Demi Lovato by Alexi Lubomirski


According to our forum members, Bazaar‘s latest was a huge setback. “The images are quite pedestrian, but then do we really expect anything more elevated from Harper’s Bazaar?” asked dodencebt.

“First cover is absolutely abysmal, don’t have strong feelings, positive or negative, for the second cover,” KINGofVERSAILLES chimed in.

“Every now and then, Bazaar tries to replicate that iconic Linda Evangelista cover. They should know by now that it’s useless!” added kokobombon.

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“The cover is as much of a nonevent as her music,” said an underwhelmed Malaya.

Bertrando3 wasn’t impressed, either. “What has she done to her face? Both covers look amateur and the styling and poses are boring, this should have been cut before print. I usually like Alexi Lubomirski’s work, but this is not good.”

Sharing the same sentiment was MON: “That is NOT Demi Lovato. My goodness. Let’s be honest, they tried to hide her weight. She is basically shapeless in the main cover, while on the subscribers’ cover, you can see that the sun was used to hide her arms instead of Photoshopping it to avoid backlash.”

US Harper’s Bazaar May 2020 : Demi Lovato by Alexi Lubomirski


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