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Vogue Addresses the Global Pandemic With a Beautiful and Symbolic Irving Penn Cover

Anna Wintour has been at the forefront of helping the fashion industry get through the ongoing global pandemic. She’s created the A Common Thread initiative along with the CFDA and joined forces with fashion figureheads to produce Vogue Global Conversations via Zoom. Now Wintour combines Vogue‘s June and July issues to address the current health crisis. Instead of featuring Florence Pugh, Billie Eilish, Gal Gadot or even a handful of models, the mag opts for a beautiful and symbolic alternative. Unable to produce photoshoots as a result of social distancing, Vogue picked an unpublished Irving Penn portrait of a rose from 1970 for the front cover of its special double issue.

US Vogue June/July 2020 by Irving Penn


The cover struck a chord with our forum members. “I think it’s beautiful, very appropriate given the current circumstances. The use of an unpublished Irving Penn image has Anna Wintour’s name written all over it. A sense of certainty in a world of uncertainty, which I can appreciate,” voiced vogue28.

“It’s a beautiful image and a beautiful cover,” echoed mepps.

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“I like the cover, simple but beautiful. Considering how bad the situation is in the U.S. — specifically New York City — I find it very appropriate,” commended jorgepalomo.

Sharing the same sentiment was Urban Stylin: “It is a beautiful cover and makes sense in these times. It doesn’t feel as contrived as some and we should be glad that it’s not some celebrity selfie.”

“It could have been better, but I like it. It’s definitely more creative than Emanuele Farneti’s lazy plain white cover. At least this involved digging through the archives and deciding which archival photo was best suited for the special issue. This is definitely a must-have issue!” declared MON.

LastNight felt the same way. “Oh it’s gorgeous! I love the idea and how great to have a Penn photograph on the cover.”

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