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Christy Turlington, Ashley Graham and Others Are ‘Voices of Hope’ for the Latest Edition of Harper’s Bazaar

The American edition of Harper’s Bazaar has definitely been a topic of conversation on our forums lately. Especially since Glenda Bailey announced her departure and Samira Nasr took the reins. We’ve been obviously anticipating the magazine’s answer to the global pandemic and the wait is finally over. For Summer 2020, the mag treats us to six covers celebrating “Voices of Hope”. Christy Turlington, Allyson Felix, Ashley Graham, Representative Lauren Underwood, Dr. Leana Wen along with Melissa DeRosa were all photographed over Zoom by Mario Sorrenti.

US Harper’s Bazaar Summer 2020 by Mario Sorrenti


The covers clearly came as a surprise to our forum members. “This isn’t American Harper’s Bazaar for me. As much as I hated Glenda, I must admit I’m already nostalgic for her overly-airbrushed, text-stacked, busy covers…” commented aracic.

“None of the images have the precision you’d expect from a cover shot. Everything looks a little off — awkward posing, clothes that don’t fit and several wouldn’t even make the cut as holiday snaps,” said tigerrouge.

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“I am not impressed. I find the covers boring. There’s nothing distinctive about them. Might as well be a random Vogue or a newspaper from IKEA,” scoffed avonlea002.

“The commercial glamour I’ve come to associate with Harper’s Bazaar is totally absent here. But this was shot during a lockdown and global pandemic and it’s several steps above what more respected magazines have been releasing so I’ll take it,” declared KINGofVERSAILLES.

“Finally a change has arrived at U.S. Harper’s Bazaar, love this!” praised Miss Dalloway.

US Harper’s Bazaar Summer 2020 by Mario Sorrenti


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