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Kendall Jenner Photographs Herself at Home for Burberry’s TB Summer Monogram Campaign

It’s not just the fashion glossies resorting to alternative measures to produce content. All the major fashion brands are adjusting their advertising campaigns, too. First came Bella Hadid‘s Jacquemus ads and now Kendall Jenner fronts Burberry’s latest promos for its TB Summer Monogram collection. Marking her second appearance as the face of the iconic British brand, Riccardo Tisci instructed the industry fave to photograph herself at home for the series of images. In addition, Kendall morphs into a CGI character with a little help from Nick Knight for the accompanying video.

Burberry ‘TB Monogram’ S/S 2020 : Kendall Jenner by Nick Knight


The campaign is definitely a flop for our forum members. “Sometimes no campaign is better than this homemade stuff. If you’re going to shoot a campaign during a pandemic, make it something to dream about, not a depressing reminder of the current situation,” critiqued magsaddict.

“Well, let’s face it. The campaign was doomed as soon as they booked Kendall. This is the same amount of energy she’d give in a crowded studio,” proclaimed an underwhelmed aracic.

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“Atrocious and an embarrassment to an establishment like Burberry. What on earth was Riccardo Tisci thinking? Who is compelled to purchase a product after seeing this? For me, the work of Nick Knight can be very hit or miss…this clearly being a total MISS,” shared vogue28.

“Shocked to see Nick Knight doing such mediocre work, but Kendull deserves this. She’s no star,” said phungnam96.

“What is the CGI element of this shoot? They could have given Kendall an expression and some emotion at least!” called out grimm.

Burberry ‘TB Monogram’ S/S 2020 : Kendall Jenner by Nick Knight


Check out the accompanying video and join the conversation here.