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Vogue Italia Produces 100 Covers for Its September 2020 Issue

Make no mistake, Emanuele Farneti likes to keep Vogue Italia in the headlines. Farneti kick-started 2020 with a series of illustrated covers, invented a CGI cover star for March, went blank in response to the global health crisis and asked children from around the world to submit cover art for June. Now he bestows upon us a vast selection of covers for September 2020. Mark Borthwick snapped all 100 of them with the cover subjects, including Bethann Hardison, Freja Beha Erichsen, Ugbad Abdi along with Soo Joo Park, wearing Prada looks courtesy of Carlos Nazario.

Vogue Italia September 2020 by Mark Borthwick


Italian Vogue‘s latest clearly took our forums by surprise. “If the end is near…it can’t come fast enough. Farneti really outdid himself, hideous portraits…” said YohjiAddict.

“One hundred covers and all of them suck…good job!” kokobombon chimed in.

“One hundred covers? Were the editors on strike during the making of this issue? Or were they just too lazy to do some real editing?” wondered Ken Doll Jenner.

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“How they managed to make so many beautiful women look so miserable and mediocre is beyond my brain capacity…” admitted Mody.

Miss Dalloway shares the same sentiment: “My god, the balls to have all these women looking this bad and worn out and then stick them not only on the cover, but use the word HOPE on it!”

“The Kardashians’ party photo booth pictures have more energy than this. The photography is dreadful and all this emptiness on almost every cover gives me anxiety. I hate the weird composition in 90 percent of them and how half of the covers were ruined by weird cropping and positioning,” called out aracic.

Forum member vogue28 is also majorly underwhelmed. “One hundred covers is an absolute embarrassment and I am officially convinced that Farneti just torments us with these gimmicks for the sake of generating buzz. This magazine is a shadow of its former self.”

Vogue Italia September 2020 by Mark Borthwick


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