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Rianne Van Rompaey Hits the Slopes for Vogue Paris’ October 2020 Cover

We have been singing Vogue Paris’ praises lately and it’s all thanks to Emmanuelle Alt’s determination to deliver total escapism via the French fashion bible. We’ve loved seeing the stellar covers starring Gigi and Bella Hadid, Mica Argañaraz, Natalia Vodianova and Malika Louback. Now Alt welcomes back Rianne Van Rompaey for October 2020. The five-time Vogue Paris cover star is back a little over a year after her last appearance taking to the slopes before the lens of photographer Carlijn Jacobs. Alt styled the Dutch beauty in a Miu Miu bodysuit, Prada goggles and Moncler ski boots for the perfectly kitsch shot.

Vogue Paris October 2020 : Rianne van Rompaey by Carlijn Jacobs


The cover was definitely a hit. “I love this — love the tongue-in-cheek concept with the fake background, the fake snow and the fake fan,” said vogue28.

“I love this cover! It’s cheesy, it’s fun, unpretentious…” approved Lola701.

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SLFC also loved the outcome: “I’m not complaining at all. Rianne on Vogue Paris is heaven.”

“I could have Rianne on the cover for every month of the year and I wouldn’t complain, the girl is a superstar! As usual, she looks absolutely magnificent and I actually think this might be one of their best covers this year. Very tongue-in-cheek, I love the tacky vibe and the setting,” added aracic.

“I actually love it! It looks so tacky but in a fun way. Only Alt can make this work,” noted MON.

Forum member artemovartem was also a fan. “Emmanuelle is the editor of the year! Even in the pandemic she managed to produce solid covers. I especially love this one. Just wow!”

Do you love the cover as much as we do? Check out the contents of the issue and share your thoughts here.