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Indya Moore Makes History by Fronting Vogue India’s Digital October 2020 Cover

Diversity isn’t always on the agenda for major fashion glossies (and we aren’t afraid to call them out). Transgender cover stars don’t happen every month so we praised Allure after Michelle Lee gave the title’s September 2020 front cover to Hunter Schafer. Now Vogue India brilliantly welcomes Indya Moore to the cover of its digital installment for October 2020. Fresh off the cover of Vogue Italia, Indya becomes Vogue India’s first-ever transgender cover star working a head full of curls and a molded Balmain corset picked by Anna Trevelyan for the captivating cover shot captured by Greg Swales.

Vogue India October 2020 : Indya Moore by Greg Swales


The cover immediately became a topic of conversation on our forums. “Thank you, Vogue India! This is remarkable! I love everything about it,” proclaimed crmsnsnwflks.

“Oh wow, on Vogue India of all places is huge,” exclaimed Serend1pity.

“Oh, Indya looks smoldering. First Vogue Italia, now Vogue India. I surely hope this continues. So long overdue,” said Summer Day.

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MON was also pleasantly surprised. “Oh wow, Vogue India? Whoa, this is historic! Could’ve picked a better cover image, but beautiful nonetheless.”

“An incredible missed opportunity to have Indya Moore on the print cover, but as delightful as it is to see Moore representing, the cover shot doesn’t exactly scream…cover. Indya’s expression is way off and I dislike the lack of eye contact. Gorgeous colors and Balmain, nevertheless!” voiced vogue28.

Benn98 shared the same sentiment: “Shocked that they are appearing on the cover of Vogue India. The image doesn’t live up to what is supposed to be a great moment, but that Balmain looks as chic and sexy as Tom Ford. Wish they made eye contact and with a more commanding pose!”

“Not as modern as their American ELLE cover. It looks really dated. Not a good cover at all!” stated Flamingjune.

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