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Naomi Campbell Returns to the Cover of Vogue for November 2020

To say we’ve been eagerly anticipating Naomi Campbell making a dramatic return to the cover of American Vogue after a 27-year hiatus is an understatement. We’ve yearned for a Naomi cover since early August (half-expecting the supermodel to front the September issue) and the wait is finally over. Naomi makes a stunning return as Vogue‘s November 2020 cover star looking angelic and ethereal in the shot captured by photographer Ethan James Green. The icon appears with her eyes closed, hands clasped together and wearing an all-white look from Christian Dior’s Fall 2020 Haute Couture collection courtesy of Carlos Nazario.

US Vogue November 2020 : Naomi Campbell by Ethan James Green


The cover was (mostly) a success. “Naomi, finally,” praised caioherrero the second the cover dropped.

“So serene and fabulous. Lord knows Naomi deserves more American covers, she’s still working tirelessly and is an international icon whether some people like it or not,” said dodencebt.

“I LOVE everything about this wow, what a treat… Finally someone did something unpredictable with a Naomi cover!” admired Miss Dalloway.

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MON was also beyond thrilled with the outcome: “I love this. It’s not your typical U.S. Vogue cover. It exudes glamour, but in the least commercial way possible!”

“Fabulous, iconic and maybe one of the strongest covers of her career!” raved Lola701.

But not everyone was overjoyed. “While it’s obviously wonderful to see Naomi Campbell back on the cover of American Vogue, I cannot help but feel immensely let down by the outcome. Why on earth choose a cover shot with Naomi’s eyes closed?” wondered vogue28.

“It’s wonderful to see Naomi on the cover again after more than 20 years. I’m not mad at it. But I’m not blown away by it, either. No eye contact, static pose, monochromatic color palette. It all feels a bit underwhelming,” added mikel.

“Finally a model on the cover — Naomi no less — and this is beyond meh,” agreed kokobombon.

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