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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Looks ‘Absolutely Divine’ on Vanity Fair’s December 2020 Cover

Radhika Jones obviously has a real knack for picking cover stars. Just this year we’ve encountered Ana de Armas, Reese Witherspoon, Viola Davis along with Gal Gadot down at newsstands. Now Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is added to the list with the unveiling of Vanity Fair‘s December 2020 edition. The newly-reelected representative wears an Aliétte suit while posing in front of a floral backdrop for the clearly charming shot snapped by Tyler Mitchell.

Vanity Fair December 2020 : Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez by Tyler Mitchell


Nonetheless, the cover received mixed reviews. “She looks absolutely divine,” declared helmutnotdead.

“This is actually really charming,” said Nomar.

“She looks great and it’s cool to see her!” agreed KateTheGreatest.

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“Nothing was going to top last month’s Gal Gadot cover for me, but this is undeniably a beautiful cover… Alexandria photographs well and looks positively radiant here — and despite the floral backdrop, everything still feels suited for a December cover,” admitted vogue28.

Marc10 was definitely a fan: “The pose on the cover is a bit stiff, but still love it! She wears clothes really well (especially for a politician).”

“What a coup! I love this, notwithstanding the rather stiff pose,” voiced MON.

“Very excited to see AOC! Cover could have been better — looks like a media shot in front of a floral step-and-repeat at some Hollywood event…” commented LastNight.

“I hate that cover. She’s undeniably beautiful, but that pose is just STIFF. A cropped version would have been better,” proclaimed an absolutely underwhelmed mepps.

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