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Lila Moss Lands Her First Solo Vogue Cover With Vogue Italia’s December 2020 Issue

The fashion industry continues to embrace the daughter of supermodel Kate Moss. This year alone we’ve watched Lila Moss grace the covers of V Magazine and Chaos SixtyNine, become the face of Marc Jacobs along with Miu Miu and make her official runway debut at Paris Fashion Week. Now after fronting Vogue Italia alongside her mother, Lila rounds out her breakout year by going solo on the magazine’s December 2020 cover. Photographed by David Sims and styled by Max Pearmain, the Brit beauty poses with her eyes closed sporting a striped Dolce & Gabbana blazer for The Gratitude Issue.

Vogue Italia December 2020 : Lila Moss by David Sims


Members of our forums couldn’t believe their eyes. “This is just horrible,” proclaimed liberty33r1b.

“That hand looks so weird,” mikel pointed out.

“The foreshortening on the hand is not working,” agreed RedSmokeRise.

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MON isn’t willing to take a trip down to the newsstand, either. “Vogue Italia is now a mockery of what it once was. Farneti and his team ruined this magazine. How they constantly get away with such crap baffles me.”

“I’m tired of his team at Italian Vogue, it’s horrendous. They get great visionaries like David Sims who can create beautiful and interesting images and this is what they get him to create,” exclaimed Blayne266.

“Not a cute solo debut for Lila. She looks quite good and I feel like this could’ve been a stellar cover if it wasn’t for the usual Farneti gimmick and disgusting art direction. If her eyes were open, her hand down, less wind in the hair and a better layout, it could’ve been a hit!” said aracic.

“Burn this magazine to the ground and salt the earth,” voiced an underwhelmed marsnoop2.

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