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Dua Lipa Channels Linda Evangelista on British Vogue’s February 2021 Cover

Dua Lipa’s magazine covers are definitely hit or miss. Whether she’s appearing on an absolutely “dated” British ELLE cover or earning high marks fronting Vogue Spain. Now Dua returns to the cover of British Vogue for February 2021. The singer looks like Linda Evangelista thanks to a cropped blond hairdo along with a Giorgio Armani Spring 2021 black dress courtesy of Kate Phelan in the Emma Summerton-shot image.

UK Vogue February 2021 : Dua Lipa by Emma Summerton


Nonetheless, our forum members are less than thrilled with the outcome. “They really played her dirty,” proclaimed a disapproving jorgepalomo.

“Should have stuck to the old style rules, they were better…” GERGIN points out.

“Why would you take Dua Lipa and style her like this? It’s aged her unnecessarily,” added an undoubtedly dismayed honeycombchild.

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“It’s like they sucked all the life and fun out of her,” said tipi1355.

Marc10 also clearly isn’t a fan. “She’s such a pretty girl and wears high fashion with an almost Rihanna-like confidence so this is a major disappointment.”

“U.K. Vogue says the inspiration for this shoot was Linda Evangelista. That’s like taking the magazine’s archives and using them as toilet paper because all the shops are shut,” commented tigerrouge.

But vogue28 obviously disagrees: “Must be looking at a different cover because I find this all completely inoffensive on the eye and think it’s rather gorgeous.”

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