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Kamala Harris Deserves Better Than Vogue’s Disappointing February 2021 Covers

We have to admit that Anna Wintour’s recent selection of cover subjects has been stellar. Both Naomi Campbell and Harry Styles graced the American fashion bible at the end of 2020. The mag also kicked off 2021 on a high note with four absolutely striking covers of Frances McDormand, Naomi Osaka, Paloma Elsesser along with Rosalía. Now, following in the footsteps of ELLE, Anna selects vice president-elect Kamala Harris for a pair of Vogue February 2021 covers with Tyler Mitchell behind the lens.

US Vogue February 2021 : Kamala Harris by Tyler Mitchell


Our forum members obviously aren’t feeling either cover. “Zara is more luxurious,” Miran called out.

GivenchyHomme isn’t pleased: “This is why you don’t rush a very important cover.”

“The styling is so off-putting, especially in contrast to the rich, colorful, Victorian-esque background. It’s almost like you want to put her in a Marie Antoinette wig and gown at this point,” said GERGIN.

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Ken Doll Jenner clearly isn’t impressed. “This has Tyler Mitchell written all over it. The whole thing could’ve been more tolerable if the cheap-looking curtain wasn’t there, it wasn’t a full-length shot and it was in black and white.”

“Everything about this photo is terrible. The styling, the pose, the set design, etc. I wish she was in full glam and a better suit,” commented an unforgiving gunsnroses.

“I’m not expecting Vogue to turn Kamala into a Hollywood siren, but this? It just doesn’t feel right,” voiced dodencebt.

“I understand not wanting to glam her up in the middle of the pandemic before she has even been sworn in, but they could’ve at least given her a sharp suit a la Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Vanity Fair,” added a definitely disappointed Yohji.

US Vogue February 2021 : Kamala Harris by Tyler Mitchell


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