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You Probably Won’t Recognize Jennifer Lopez on InStyle’s May 2021 Covers

We’ve been huge advocates of Laura Brown’s InStyle from the get-go. Last year we fawned over covers starring Viola Davis, Cynthia Erivo and Alicia Keys. Jodie Comer started 2021 on a high note for the American fashion glossy. But recent covers featuring Kate Hudson and Melissa McCarthy have flopped. Now the magazine picks none other than Jennifer Lopez for May 2021. Following a triumphant Allure cover, Jennifer returns to InStyle three years after her last appearance stunning on both the newsstand cover (below) and subscribers’ alternative (after the jump) both captured by Pamela Hanson and styled by Julia von Boehm.

US InStyle May 2021 : Jennifer Lopez by Pamela Hanson


According to our forum members, however, something was way off. “I refuse to believe this is Jennifer Lopez! A R&B singer from the 2000s maybe. But not J.Lo. Doesn’t look anything like her,” called out Benn98.

“Legit thought this was Jennifer Aniston…” Lucien112 chimed in.

“Somehow looks like a mix of Chrissy Teigen and Khloé Kardashian,” added Stallonation.

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“I don’t see Jennifer Lopez, but I do see a really bronzed Mandy Moore,” declared vavavinny.

Joromana also questioned the outcome: “Yikes! Definitely see the Mandy Moore resemblance as well. Doesn’t look like J.Lo at all. Feels quite commercial as well.”

“OMG, Mandy Moore for sure! I think it’s the lipstick in combination with the hair, but maybe there has been excessive retouching as well. It’s all so weird. J.Lo deserves better,” proclaimed an unimpressed dodencebt.

“What a disappointment!” exclaimed DK92.

US InStyle May 2021 : Jennifer Lopez by Pamela Hanson


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