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Olivia Rodrigo, Zazie Beetz and Anya Taylor-Joy Are ELLE’s Rising Stars for May 2021

We haven’t been faced with a themed issue of ELLE in what feels like forever. We got pretty used to just about every other issue being either dedicated to Women in Hollywood, Women in Music or Women in TV. The American fashion glossy has been in our good graces of late impressing us with Hailey Bieber and Jennifer Lopez covers over recent months. For May 2021, we’re treated to the Rising Stars issue starring Olivia Rodrigo, Zazie Beetz and Anya Taylor-Joy. Shot by Petra Collins, Adrienne Raquel and Zoey Grossman respectively, the ladies each land solo covers.

US Elle May 2021 : The ‘Rising Stars’ Issue


Olivia’s cover was the first to drop. “I kind of like it. I don’t think the pose fits…but I like the styling. It’s something different than what ELLE usually puts out these days,” appreciated SLFC.

“She’s starting out, doesn’t deserve a cover yet,” voiced caioherrero.

“No idea who this is and I consider myself to be fairly clued up with pop culture. There is such a thing as too soon. What if her career fizzles out over the next 12 months? The angle is definitely not cover-worthy nor flattering…” said Benn98.

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“Two songs into her career and she’s already booking covers?” asked aracic.

“I have no idea who she is and no desire really to know her. The cover shot is just meh. Could have been much better,” conspicuousconsumer chimed in.

“Zazie looks great! Wouldn’t mind seeing her on more covers to be honest!” declared annikad.

“Anya’s cover is the WINNER!” proclaimed DK92.

JPineapple is also in love with Anya’s cover: “At this point, Anya doesn’t deserve to share a month with anyone.”

US Elle May 2021 : The ‘Rising Stars’ Issue


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