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Anok Yai and Imaan Hammam Outshine Kendall Jenner and Naomi Campbell on V Magazine’s Summer 2021 Covers

V Magazine certainly doesn’t always knock it out of the park. When it puts models on its covers, however, the outcome is stellar. Take the magazine’s Summer 2020 offering for example featuring 15 models on 15 fabulous covers. Now the publication hits another home run. For Summer 2021, Anok Yai, Naomi Campbell, Kendall Jenner along with Imaan Hammam sport bikinis picked by George Cortina for the images shot by Mario Sorrenti.

V Magazine #130 Summer 2021 by Mario Sorrenti


Of course, our forum members clearly have their favorites. “Wow! What a stunning image of Anok,” commented an undoubtedly pleased aracic.

“Honestly, I feel kinda sorry for Kendall,” admitted helmutnotdead.

Marc10 definitely agreed: “Damn, Anok and Imaan look spectacular. Pure star power so much so they kinda overshadowed Naomi for me! Honestly, if I was Kendall I would ask them to cut me out of this story…”

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“Imaan Hammam, per usual, saving the day and proving she was BORN to model (even managing to outshine Naomi Campbell). I love everything about Imaan’s shot — the composition, the styling, the heels, Imaan’s pose — every single element,” raved vogue28.

“Imaan’s cover is everything!” declared an obviously thrilled mikel.

“Imaan. That is it, the rest are unnecessary… What a goddess,” echoed dontbeadrag.

“Anok and Imaan’s covers look stunning,” admired an absolutely thrilled Fiercification.

V Magazine #130 Summer 2021 by Mario Sorrenti


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