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Malala Yousafzai Stars on British Vogue’s ‘Fantastic’ July 2021 Cover

British Vogue has been generating a whole lot of buzz recently. From Naomi Campbell making her long-awaited return after almost 17 years to Judi Dench becoming the magazine’s oldest cover star and even last month’s cover featuring Billie Eilish trying out a whole new look, the publication is getting noticed. Now the mag welcomes Malala Yousafzai to its July 2021 cover. Photographed by Nick Knight and styled by Kate Phelan, the remarkable 23-year-old Pakistani activist and Nobel Peace Prize winner wears a forest-friendly viscose and lace shirt plus a headscarf by Stella McCartney for the cover image.

UK Vogue July 2021 : Malala by Nick Knight


“Absolutely gorgeous! Edward really is on a roll with these covers,” said SRank.

THD96 shared the same sentiment: “Wow this is stunning, a must-have. Edward is creating headlines with every cover…”

“Absolutely gorgeous cover, her pose is very elegant and the richness of the reds is very eye-catching!” commented GERGIN.

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“OMG, this is gorgeous!!” declared an equally impressed JPineapple.

“Wow!! This is absolutely gorgeous, such a simple but impressive shot that will certainly stand out on the newsstand,” added [Piece Of Me].

“Fantastic cover choice! It’s an eye-catching cover with the red, but it just doesn’t feel like Vogue,” voiced marsnoop2.

“Hm, yeah finally…because I always think of Malala whenever I think ‘fashion’ or simply don’t know what to wear…” wrote MulletProof.

“I personally love seeing a genuine motivational figure on Vogue. I feel like Edward is getting the tone right. As a teenager I loved magazines, but they always made me feel like I saw no one like me and I would’ve loved to have seen someone like Malala!” shared Serend1pity.

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