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Megan Rapinoe Fails to Excite on the June/July 2021 Cover of Harper’s Bazaar

Without a doubt recent covers of Harper’s Bazaar have been unimpressive. Apart from last month’s series of spectacular model covers, of course. Now Megan Rapinoe takes to its June/July 2021 edition. The American soccer player is certainly embraced by the fashion industry. For example she’s already covered Marie Claire along with V Magazine. The athlete has a Loewe campaign under her belt, too. Captured by Ryan McGinley, Megan makes her Bazaar cover debut wearing Prada courtesy of Yashua Simmons.

US Harper’s Bazaar June/July 2021 : Megan Rapinoe by Ryan McGinley


Nevertheless, our forum members clearly aren’t feeling it. “Worst cover I have ever seen,” declared an obviously disappointed jal718.

“There are some celebrities that I despise seeing on fashion magazines and Megan Rapinoe is one of them,” said dontbeadrag.

“Guess we should’ve known last month’s model covers were to cushion the blow for what’s to come. What an atrocious cover, never understood the appeal or hype of Megan Rapinoe and this is just another nonevent to add to the list under Samira Nasr’s tenure,” added vogue28.

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VogueGirl8910 is far from overjoyed: “Is this Harper’s Bazaar or Sports Illustrated?”

“This cover might’ve been relevant two years ago,” KINGofVERSAILLES chimed in.

“I really wish that fashion magazines would stick to fashion and get away from being on trend and political,” stated Handbag Queen.

“It’s like Samira is just checking every box,” proclaimed a decidedly dismayed A.D.C.

“Every issue is just bad… Someone just please fire her,” pleaded an absolutely annoyed liberty33r1b.

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