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Hunter Schafer Stars in Prada’s Galleria Handbag 2021 Campaign

Despite the hype surrounding Raf Simons joining Prada as co-creative director, the brand’s Spring 2021 advertising campaign left us a little perplexed. At least the cast featured a diverse ensemble of the industry’s most up-and-coming models. Now the Italian fashion house welcomes Hunter Schafer as the face of the brand’s Galleria handbags. Captured by film director Xavier Dolan under the creative direction of Ferdinando Verderi, Hunter poses in a makeshift bedroom with Prada’s signature handbag in full focus.

Prada 'Galleria' Handbags 2021 : Hunter Schafer by Xavier Dolan


The campaign immediately fell under the scrutiny of our forum members. “I’m pleasantly surprised seeing them cast an openly trans woman. I didn’t really expect this from Prada,” appreciated LMV.

“Great to see Hunter being cast for big brands… She can do much better than this,” said dontbeadrag.

“The photos are so Model Mayhem and it’s most likely the hair! They literally turned her into a serial killer…” disapproved Urban Stylin.

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WAVES also isn’t a fan: “Everything is bad. The background, Hunter’s hair, the angles and expressions… Hunter can photograph better than this!”

“Makes no sense how an eccentric character portrayed in this campaign would want a basic, solid-colored leather bag,” GERGIN pointed out.

“The bag is fugly…” declared kasper!.

“They are still selling this? Even local soccer moms moved on,” added avonlea002.

“Waste of a decent concept on a boring bag that just looks out of place,” voiced reese06.

Prada 'Galleria' Handbags 2021 : Hunter Schafer by Xavier Dolan


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