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Alva Claire Makes Her British ELLE Debut for July 2021

The British edition of ELLE is most definitely on our must-read list. It’s all thanks to Farrah Storr’s knack for securing stimulating cover subjects. The mag kicked off the year with a groundbreaking cover and just welcomed Olly Eley as its first non-binary cover star. Now Alva Claire graces U.K. ELLE‘s July 2021 cover. Following a sensational appearance as one of three plus-size models to walk Versace’s Spring 2021 runway, the London-born beauty works a Versace top and skirt courtesy of Aurelia Donaldson for the delightful image photographed by Danny Kasirye.

UK Elle July 2021 : Alva Claire by Danny Kasirye


The cover took our forum members by surprise. “This is really good! Don’t know who she is, but I love it,” praised matheus_s.

“Never heard of her before, but a nice cover for her, very pretty,” echoed SLFC.

“Is this Alva’s first major cover? Always found her so stunning and wondered for the longest time why her Versace gig didn’t do for her what it did for Precious Lee… So lovely to see her here and I hope to see many more large opportunities in her career as time goes on,” proclaimed Armani.

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“I love it! Finally a plus-size model on a cover of a magazine without her body covered,” approved JPineapple.

WAVES is also an admirer: “She looks amazing! Vibrant colors, perfect for summer!”

“Always wonderful to see actual fashion models on the covers of fashion magazines so Alva is a welcome choice on the cover of British ELLE. It’s a gorgeous cover, love the choice of Versace outfit and the juicy colors make for a perfect cover during the summer months,” raved vogue28.

“This is quite beautiful! I love the summer colors and that Versace collection has become such a staple this season, I absolutely love it,” aracic chimed in.

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