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Naomi Osaka Deserves Better Than Vogue Japan’s Disappointing August 2021 Cover

The industry is clearly obsessed with Naomi Osaka. Within a few short years, we’ve sat back and watched the athlete take to the covers of American Vogue, Allure along with WSJ. Magazine and become a Louis Vuitton brand ambassador. Now Vogue Japan welcomes the professional tennis player to its August 2021 cover. In the vibrant cover image captured by Zoey Grossman, Naomi wears a Louis Vuitton bikini top, pants and a belt bag courtesy of Patti Wilson.

Vogue Japan August 2021 : Naomi Osaka by Zoey Grossman


The cover received mixed feedback on our forums. “They managed to make her look like a trashy Instagirl! Surely a new low for this Vogue!” declared JohannesL.

“Doesn’t look anything like her and the Vuitton product placement couldn’t be more literal. This sort of crass advertising is the reason why magazines are dropping like flies,” Benn98 chimed in.

“Awful cover…and a deeply unflattering angle,” disapproved vogue28.

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“I believe that a simple thing such as a different angle would’ve made this shot so much better!” said WAVES.

“Why can’t we just stick with Luigi & Iango who shoot practically every Vogue Japan cover worth looking at? I generally don’t care about sports so I’m not excited about a Naomi Osaka cover, but she deserved better,” voiced aracic.

But not everyone felt the same way. “Well, call me crazy, but I don’t hate it. Considering the subject matter, it could’ve been worse. She’s not particularly photogenic or charismatic, but they actually gave the image some energy and intrigue,” admitted MyNameIs.

“I actually really like this. They’ve finally done something more fun and fresh with Naomi,” appreciated upNorth.

The digital covers photographed by Luigi & Iango are total knockouts. Check them out and share your thoughts here.