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Billie Eilish Returns to the Cover of Vogue Australia for August 2021

Ever since she first burst on the scene, Billie Eilish has proven to be newsstand gold. Editors across the globe have embraced the American hitmaker since day one with Billie popping up on V Magazine, Dazed, ELLE, British GQ, American Vogue, Vogue China and Vanity Fair. Following her British Vogue debut, Vogue Australia welcomes Billie back to its front cover two years after her last appearance. Captured by Emma Summerton before a makeshift city backdrop, stylist Dena Giannini decked out Billie in a mix of Gucci, Valentino, Jonathan Simkhai and Balenciaga for Aussie Vogue’s dynamic August 2021 cover image.

Vogue Australia August 2021 : Billie Eilish by Emma Summerton


The magazine’s latest was a big flop on our forums. “Pure garbage,” instantly declared caioherrero.

“I can’t. This is ridiculously bad,” added guimon.

“I know awkward is her ‘brand,’ but this is getting ridiculous,” RedSmokeRise chimed in.

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“The cover goes to show the incompetence of anyone responsible for the selection of the cover image since this is clearly not it. The fake backdrop is quite ugly obviously, the pose is unflattering and too awkward for a cover. None of it makes sense!” stated aracic.

“The fashion industry keeps humoring celebrities with their nonsense public personas and this is what we end up with,” noted dfl-001.

“Wow, I almost can’t believe how disastrous this is,” proclaimed dodencebt.

“This lazy slop that looks like she dressed herself is pathetic and that she’s so carelessly cut and pasted onto the background is even more beyond pathetic on Vogue Australia’s part,” voiced Phuel.

“This seems a bit too soon after the British Vogue cover, especially since they did a much better job,” said [Piece Of Me].

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