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Vogue Japan Delivers Another Multi-Model Cover for September 2021

Ever since Luigi & Iango captured their first-ever Vogue Japan cover with an all-star supermodel cast, we’ve been impressed with the vast majority of covers shot by the photographic duo. Covers featuring Imaan Hammam, Lila Moss, Irina Shayk, Kaia Gerber, Gisele Bündchen and Kim Kardashian have completely captivated us. Another multi-model cover comes our way with the unveiling of Japanese Vogue’s September 2021 issue. Vilma Sjöberg, Amane Taniguchi, Britt Oosten, Sora Choi, Malika Louback and Ugbad Abdi are all dressed in looks from Miu Miu’s Fall 2021 collection (courtesy of Anna Dello Russo) for the colorful cover photographed in the Italian region of Puglia.

Vogue Japan September 2021 by Luigi & Iango


The cover proved to be a huge disappointment. “A BIG NO!” declared DK92.

“We were all clamoring for a Luigi & Iango cover and this is what we end up with?” asked mikel.

“Not at all what I expected and I can’t say I’m a fan,” confessed aracic. “I definitely would’ve preferred a classic studio group shot like they usually do.”

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“Wow, this is so bad! A new low for Luigi & Iango. Totally shows that they are still far from the echelon of photography masters, even though they are trying,” said dontbeadrag.

“Already looks set to be the worst September cover this year. Don’t know what the focus is. Luigi & Iango have shown they can do location work as well, but this looks amateur,” critiqued Benn98.

But not everyone despised the outcome. “It’s an improvement from last month’s horrible cover,” reasoned Paul Lintag.

Zorka certainly agreed: “I love it! It’s colorful, vibrant and it’s something different and unexpected… In comparison with that awful Naomi Osaka cover this looks like a dream to me…”

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