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Vogue Italia Once Again Offers Multiple Covers for September 2021

The time has finally come for Emanuele Farneti to leave Vogue Italia. Farneti’s tenure at the Italian fashion bible has certainly proved questionable. Just this year, covers starring Demi Moore, Anna Ewers, Monica Bellucci and even Rihanna definitely failed to excite. Now Farneti’s last issue arrives in the form of the magazine’s September 2021 offering. Anne Collier, Massimo Vitali, Michelangelo Pistoletto, Jordan Wolfson, Torbjørn Rødland, Tschabalala Self, Hans Ulrich Obrist, Thomas Ruff along with Precious Okoyomon create a multitude of covers for the occasion.

Vogue Italia September 2021


Of course, our forum members aren’t thrilled. “You had your chance to redeem yourself Farneti with your last issue. And this is what you came up with?” asked cottonmouth13.

“These covers cannot better sum up Farneti’s editorship: PRETENTIOUS. See ya!” declared Starry.

Lola701 is obviously happy to see him go. “Farneti’s tenure has been about everything but fashion. I don’t think he ever loved or cared for fashion. But I must applaud him because coming every month with pretentious concepts is not an easy feat.”

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“At this point I am so lacking energy from years of this torture that I wanted to write how bad it is and all else, but it is in fact so bad that it sparks no emotion or reaction from me at all,” proclaimed dontbeadrag.

“I…really have no energy to say anything about this magazine anymore,” echoed a clearly defeated aracic.

“Who would look at these and can tell it’s a fashion magazine?” wondered WilliamsLe010919.

“God I despise what happened to this magazine,” added an absolutely annoyed marsnoop2.

Vogue Italia September 2021


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