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Harper’s Bazaar Fails to Do Nicole Kidman Justice With Its ‘Atrocious’ October 2021 Cover

Samira Nasr at the helm of Harper’s Bazaar has ultimately proved to be somewhat questionable. Over the last three months, covers starring Megan Rapinoe, Gigi Hadid and even Beyoncé have failed miserably according to our forum members. Now the mag serves up Nicole Kidman for October 2021, whose last U.S. Bazaar cover appearance was back in 2012. Almost nine years later, the Aussie actress sports a head full of curls and a dress from Christian Dior’s Fall 2021 collection picked by stylist Stella Greenspan for the cover image captured by Collier Schorr.

US Harper's Bazaar October 2021 : Nicole Kidman by Collier Schorr


“This magazine is so sad now,” said caioherrero.

“I just want to cry now…” added amby.

“Samira Nasr has just sucked the life out of American Harper’s Bazaar and this is yet another month in which I am dumbfounded as to how such a drab and lifeless cover has seen the light of day! Collier Schorr certainly doesn’t help matters, either,” voiced vogue28.

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“Possibly the worst edition of Harper’s Bazaar in the worldwide lineup, especially given it’s supposed to be the one that leads the rest and has no excuse for its content like a lack of resources,” stated tigerrouge.

“Someone please break all Collier Schorr’s cameras and ban that woman from fashion…” declared dontbeadrag.

Meanwhile, charles01 wasn’t buying it, either. “That is not a flattering cover at all. It doesn’t do Nicole justice at all.”

“That’s a very rough-looking Nicole Kidman,” FashionMuseDior chimed in.

KINGofVERSAILLES called the cover “atrocious.” But do you agree?

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