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Dolly Parton Deserves Much Better Than W Magazine’s Latest Cover

It has taken some time for Sara Moonves to get W Magazine back on track and back on our radar. Following the magazine’s offering for Volume #4 2021, which featured Beanie Feldstein, Emma Corrin, Thuso Mbedu and Julia Garner, the publication is regaining momentum. Now the mag has secured none other than Dolly Parton for Volume #5 2021. It’s a very rare occasion to see the legendary American country music star greet us down at newsstands. This time around she’s decked out in a glitzy Chanel jumpsuit and jewelry from Chopard and Tiffany & Co. posing with dolls modeled after herself in the kitsch cover shot photographed by Harmony Korine.

W Magazine Volume #5 2021 : Dolly Parton by Harmony Korine


All things considered, members of our forums were far from impressed. “That’s one ugly cover. She deserves way better!” declared mikel.

“Yikes. I know Dolly is the queen of tacky and kitsch, but this is so poorly done. It looks sad,” stated MyNameIs.

“How dare they! To do this to Dolly…the sweetest person in America… Oh no…” called out oaklee91.

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VogueDisciple93 shared the same sentiment: “Fire. Everyone. They did Dolly dirty.”

“So cheap-looking and basic, we needed over-the-top tacky!” voiced kokobombon.

“OMG, this took me back to those amateur Photoshop edits of random Myspace pictures at night!” FashionMuseDior pointed out.

“They could have done something very unconventional and fashion-forward in her aesthetic, but this is incredibly amateur,” added Urban Stylin.

“After digesting this monstrosity, I’m now envisioning what Dolly Parton by Steven Meisel would’ve turned out like had Stefano Tonchi and Edward Enninful still been at W Magazine,” wondered vogue28.

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