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Billie Eilish, Mona Tougaard, Mica Argañaraz and More Star on i-D’s Fall 2021 Covers

It has been three years since Alastair McKimm took over i-D and transformed the cutting-edge publication. Since 2018, covers featuring Christy Turlington, Adut Akech, Kate Moss, Teyana Taylor, Naomi Campbell along with Gigi Hadid captured our attention. Thankfully, the magazine’s Fall 2021 installment is no different. In true i-D fashion, several covers come our way. The seven collectible covers include Billie Eilish by Glen Luchford, Mona Tougaard by Luis Alberto Rodriguez, Anok Yai by Amy Troost, Rianne Van Rompaey by Colin Dodgson, Fran Summers by Alasdair McLellan, Mica Argañaraz by Drew Vickers along with Kweku Asante and Takuya by Tyler Mitchell.

i-D Fall 2021 : The 'In Real Life' Issue


Billie’s cover was the first to drop. “The cover is boring and empty because Billie’s boring and empty. Still, it’s more true to her than that ridiculous costume cover story she did for British Vogue,” commented mepps.

“This styling seems much more true to her than the sultry glam thing she did for a minute…” echoed KINGofVERSAILLES.

“I don’t mind if she is presented as herself or someone else. I always enjoy a celebrity versatile enough to impact in both ways… This is boring…” critiqued Xone.

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“I honestly feel a little sad for Billie because she looks pathetic next to Mona Tougaard,” confessed helmutnotdead.

“Mona’s cover is so good,” applauded Abby Zacky.

FashionMuseDior certainly agreed: “Mona bringing in the SHAPES honey. That body!”

“Mica’s cover is electrifying!” exclaimed Alien Sex Friend.

“Out of all the seven covers, Mica’s has to be my favorite. It is indeed rather electric and the most…vibrant (despite the black and white) out of the bunch and very Vogue Paris, which of course I’m all for,” vogue28 pointed out.

i-D Fall 2021 : The 'In Real Life' Issue


Which cover will you be hunting down? Share your thoughts here.