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Tracee Ellis Ross Finally Lands a Harper’s Bazaar Cover for November 2021

Samira Nasr has demonstrated she has some serious pull when it comes to scoring cover subjects for Harper’s Bazaar. After all, covers during her one-year tenure have featured everyone from Liya Kebede to Precious Lee to Beyoncé to Nicole Kidman. We guessed it was only a matter of time before the editor welcomed her BFF to the cover of the American fashion glossy and does just that for November 2021. Making her debut as a Bazaar cover star, Tracee Ellis Ross poses for photographer Renell Medrano and is styled by Samira for the occasion. The American actress and beauty mogul wears a billowing Balenciaga haute couture opera coat while holding a gigantic balloon for the eye-catching cover shot.

US Harper’s Bazaar November 2021 : Tracee Ellis Ross by Renell Medrano


The end result took the majority of our forum members by surprise. “That’s a nice cover,” confessed mikel.

“Love it, Tracee always brings this heartwarming, whimsicality yet vintage vibe…” admired Dion Chan.

“I love to see magazines featuring celebrities who actually want to dress up and take a real interest in fashion and I think Tracee is one of those celebrities,” voiced KINGofVERSAILLES.

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“I think it’s a beautiful cover and it will definitely pop on the newsstand. Tracee, I can take or leave, but I think she does have a genuine love of fashion…” said mepps.

“Perhaps my favorite cover under Samira so far…” admitted aracic.

“This cover is solid, kind of Tim Walker dragged down to earth and on a budget, but it’s the strongest cover shot from this lethargic trajectory of blandness that’s been the signature of Samira’s Bazaar for so long…” noted Phuel.

Not everyone, however, was buying it. “The photography is bland, the clothes hard to see, styling nonexistent,” disapproved ellastica.

“How much longer are they gonna keep trying to make Tracee Ellis Ross happen?” asked MyNameIs.

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