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And Just Like That Sarah Jessica Parker Returns to the Cover of Vogue for December 2021

We’ve been waiting for Vogue‘s December 2021 cover to drop for months. Names like Lady Gaga, Lupita Nyong’o and Sarah Jessica Parker were offered as possible cover stars for the American fashion bible’s end-of-the-year issue. True to speculation, SJP is welcomed back to Vogue‘s cover a whopping 10 years after her last appearance. The actress poses in Daniel Jackson’s studio wearing an embroidered Dolce & Gabbana gown chosen by stylist Tabitha Simmons.

US Vogue December 2021 : Sarah Jessica Parker by Daniel Jackson


The outcome proved to be everything (most of) our forum members desired and more. “I love it! SJP and Vogue are a great duo and this cover, her first in a decade, doesn’t disappoint! Striking image,” approved KINGofVERSAILLES.

“Oh, that’s actually quite pretty,” confessed aracic.

“Feels like everything is right in the world whenever an old Wintour favorite makes a reappearance and I’m rather fond of this cover as a whole. It’s unconventional to run a profile full-length cover image, but it works for December and feels festive enough, I approve,” said vogue28.

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“Stunning cover,” praised an equally impressed VogueGirl8910.

Not everyone, however, shared the same enthusiasm. “Christ, so boring, what year is this, jeez, so lame,” scoffed HeatherAnne.

“Awful! American Vogue is so completely out of touch and not relatable. Always the same tired forgettable old shtick,” complained dfl-001.

“This is what Vogue readers want,” fired back Ivanity86. “A beautiful photo, a fabulous dress and an actress who is not a talentless one with just millions of followers.”

“I love this. I love how the last two covers are unconventionally U.S. Vogue, but remain distinctly U.S. Vogue,” added MON.

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