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Madonna Morphs Into Marilyn Monroe on V Magazine’s Winter 2021 Covers

V Magazine has been on our radar throughout 2021 following a series of sizzling Summer 2021 covers starring Imaan Hammam. Trailblazers Abby Champion and Ashley Graham won us over on the magazine’s Fall Preview 2021 installment and Olivia Rodrigo even managed to capture our attention for Fall 2021. The cutting-edge fashion publication welcomes none other than living legend Madonna to its highly-anticipated Winter 2021 issue. Going all out a total of four collectible (and already sold out) covers come our way with the iconic American songstress paying homage to the equally iconic Marilyn Monroe before the lens of photographer Steven Klein.

V Magazine #133 Winter 2021 : Madonna by Steven Klein


The covers caused a stir on our forums. “And people say Kate Moss is over Photoshopped?” asked KINGofVERSAILLES.

“She is unrecognizable. What kind of filter did they use?” wondered Bertrando3.

“Honestly, how many times have we seen this? Yeah OK, so the photography, concept and whatever styling one can gauge from this is flawless. But who is asking for this in 2021? The ship has sailed. Just age gracefully,” critiqued Benn98.

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Joromana also pointed out the post-production: “I just don’t understand. She is beautiful without all of this Photoshop and CGI.”

“They wanted so bad to recreate their iconic W shoot from 2009, but with less, less, less budget,” called out JPineapple.

“I feel like Madonna channeling Marilyn Monroe by Bert Stern has been done to death at this point. First by Meisel in the early 90s, then by Mert and Marcus circa 2011 and now by Klein. I get déjà vu looking at this cover and I won’t even comment on the ridiculous blur effect,” said WinstonH20.

“I guess when you’re out of fresh ideas, drag on Marilyn…again,” disapproved dfl-001.

V Magazine #133 Winter 2021 : Madonna by Steven Klein


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