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Mika Schneider Finally Lands a Solo Vogue Japan Cover for February 2022

Change is in the air at Vogue Japan now that the long-serving Mitsuko Watanabe has exited the magazine following an impressive 14-year tenure (and Tiffany Godoy recently announced as successor). Last month’s January 2022 offering fell short according to our forum members, but now the mag’s signature white background is back. Promising us bright horizons for February 2022, Mika Schneider is finally granted a solo cover of the Japanese fashion bible dressed in a look from Chanel’s Cruise 2022 collection picked by Sissy Vian for the shot snapped by Camilla Åkrans.

Vogue Japan February 2022 : Mika Schneider by Camilla Akrans


The cover caused a great divide among members of our forums. “I don’t know how to feel about this,” said charles01 the moment the cover dropped.

“I feel like there’s a lot going on. The dove, the roses, the Chanel print dress, the hand gesture, nose piercing…” voiced WAVES.

“This looks so amateur it’s not even funny,” remarked a majorly underwhelmed Bertrando3.

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“It feels like a massive waste of Mika, but I’m still so happy for her landing this major cover,” noted Nomar.

“At the very least, this has that old-school Japanese Vogue feel that I grew to love over the years with the white background and solo cover model. This is also, undoubtedly, a thousand times better than last month’s nightmare-inducing and downright eyesore of a cover,” vogue28 pointed out.

SLFC wasn’t entirely disappointed: “I don’t know exactly why, but I kind of like this cover. Maybe the fact that Mika is getting a Vogue cover is clouding my judgment, but honestly I don’t mind the busy cover…”

“I like it. I usually hate harsh lighting, but it works here. Maybe the bee inside the rose blossom did it for me…” admitted dfl-001.

On the other hand, badgalcrush described the cover as a “waste,” but do you agree?

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