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You’ll Either Love or Loathe Alana Haim’s February 2022 Cover of Harper’s Bazaar

Things appear to be shaping up over at Harper’s Bazaar. After questionable covers starring Gigi Hadid, Beyoncé and Nicole Kidman, there’s no denying the magazine needed some life injected into it. Over recent months, covers with Tracee Ellis Ross and Hunter Schafer have managed to somewhat impress. Now the title gives its February 2022 cover to Alana Haim. A fresh face for newsstands, the American musician and actress takes to Bazaar‘s latest captured outside decked out in a Ralph Lauren Collection top selected by stylist Tony Irvine for the image snapped by Josh Olins.

US Harper’s Bazaar February 2022 : Alana Haim by Josh Olins


The end result took members of our forums by complete surprise. “Wow, this is beautiful,” confessed caioherrero.

“It’s giving an end of summer feeling, very much like a lot of Haim’s music. It’s lovely, I’m sure it’s going to look nice on the newsstand. I must say that if there’s anything I appreciate about Samira Nasr’s tenure, it’s the unpredictable and unique choice of cover subjects each month. It’s refreshing,” approved aracic.

“It’s a beautiful shot that’s suited to early spring…” Benn98 pointed out.

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PowerDroid wasn’t buying it, though. “Wow. I love Josh Olins’ work…but he can do better than this…”

“So average and dull, what a waste,” called out liberty33r1b.

“I’m all for an unpredictable cover choice, but this cover just isn’t it and I’m unable to find a single element I like here — so weak, lifeless and rather depressing despite the feeling of warmth from the lighting. The sunflower prop is just…juvenile. Another dud of a Bazaar cover under Samira Nasr,” voiced vogue28.

“Can you imagine being given the reins of an institution with the legacy of Bazaar and being so meh about it? That’s what I get each and every month from Samira,” said A.D.C.

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